Where you’ll sip, stir, and still not believe this kitchen is all yours.

The American Farm House Series

Welcome to modern country living made affordable. Our American Farm House Series marries fresh, rustic design with open-concept floor plans creating timeless interiors that are oh-so-easy on the eyes.
Dream homes do come true.

The American Farm House Series: Meet Lulamae

Meet farmhouse-style living made simple. Meet the open-air kitchen and indulgent master suite. With plenty of room for kids of all ages, we always say Lulamae’s just a rocking chair (or two) away from being the perfect home, pre-built or otherwise.  More about pre-built, manufactured homes.

String up your memories with twine and clothes pins in your new Lulamae farm house.
The Lulamae, built by Buccaneer, features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1,832 square feet of farm house love.

The Lulamae Floor Plan & Pictures

Lulamae Living: Home Features

  • Wraparound front porch with galvanized tin ceiling
  • Farmhouse-inspired lighting, for example, a washtub chandelier, black barn hoop lights, and specialty pendants (subject to specialty lighting availability)
  • Bright, open-air kitchen with sit-down island, farmhouse sink and butler’s pantry
  • Indulgent master bathroom with soaking tub, dual porcelain sinks and walk-in, ceramic tile shower with rain-style showerhead
  • Real wood shiplap walls
  • Sliding barn doors open to the master bathroom
  • Open floating wood shelves with galvanized pipe bracing
  • Rooms featuring coffered (tray) ceilings and wood accent panels and beams
  • Laundry and utility room includes space for a chest freezer
  • Built-in entertainment center
  • Farmhouse style iron ore color windows

The Lulamae Virtual Tour

How Much Does the Lulamae Cost?

Lulamae homes are built by Buccaneer Homebuilders and sold individually by retailers. To find out the cost, see the WHERE TO TOUR section and search for the closest retailer to you.

Where to Tour American Farm House

Ready to move into the Lulamae or another American Farm House home? American Farm House homes are built by Buccaneer Homebuilders and sold by retailers across the Southeastern United States. Let’s find a retailer near you:


States where The Lulamae and American Farm House is delivered

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, & Texas

About Manufactured Homes

The American Farm House Series features all pre-built, manufactured homes. As part of the Clayton Built® family, that means our homes are made according to strict standards and built in a controlled environment, plus, they have to meet code requirements that are often above and beyond what’s required of traditional site-built homes.

We’ve come a long way since the mobile homes of yesterday.
Read on to learn more about why investing in a manufactured home
can be a smart, safe and affordable way to own your dream home.

Why Are Manufactured Homes So Affordable?

Simple — we buy high-quality materials in bulk, and we pass the savings along to you, our customers. And because each of our prefabricated homes is precision-built in a state-of-the-art facility, we use labor and money-saving techniques not practical for the average home builder, giving you more home for your money.

For example, weather like rain and snow never touch the interior of your home or slow down the building process, plus, issues like theft, vandalism, and damaged materials that can occur on other construction sites are issues we don’t have to worry about — so you don’t pay for them. Plus, our employees are trained and managed by one employer, as opposed to the system of contracted labor, which can drive up home building costs significantly.1


Are Manufactured Homes Safe?

The short answer is yes. All pre-built homes, manufactured homes or “mobile homes”, as they’re sometimes still called, must meet federal codes administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which assures strength and durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality.

(Little-known truth: “The name “mobile homes” refers to homes built before 1976, when the HUD code was implemented. Since then, they have been called manufactured homes, constructed in a controlled factory environment and built to the HUD Code.”2)

All Buccaneer manufactured homes like Lulamae and Avalyn, made as part of the Clayton Built® family, meet or exceed federal codes. In fact, because manufactured homes are made to withstand travel to their forever-land, they’re often held to even higher building standards than most site-built homes.3


What About Wind Safety?

Let’s talk about it. Wind safety standards from HUD’s basic wind zone map require manufactured homes to be resistant to winds from 70 mph to 110 mph, depending on the zone — a more stringent rule than site-built homes are required to meet. In fact, HUD increased its wind safety standards in 1994, and during hurricanes that struck Florida in 2004, no manufactured homes built and installed after 1994 were destroyed by hurricane-force winds. If you have more questions or concerns, ask your local retailer for more information about manufactured homes and wind safety.4


Are Manufactured Homes Inspected?

You bet. Since manufactured homes are inspected throughout the manufacturing process, they are subject to far more inspections than a site-built home. What’s more, our Buccaneer Homes are all made as part of the Clayton Built® family, meaning our manufactured homes are required to be evaluated by a third-party inspector before leaving the home building facility. Site-built home builders aren’t required to hire third-party inspectors, placing more responsibility on the home buyer.5


Can I Get a Loan for a Manufactured Home?

Financing a manufactured home today is easier than it once was. In fact, certain manufactured home lenders can offer financing options similar to those available for site-built homes including FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional home loans. And, manufactured homes can also be a good investment. Factors like location (primarily), land quality and maintenance habits will affect your home’s appreciation value, but in some cases, multi-sectioned manufactured homes can make their owners a profit when and if they’re sold a second time.6



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    Specialty Lighting

    Buccaneer is proud to provide specialty lighting to enhance the home-life experience of our customers. However, all specialty lighting has a limited quantity. If a customer order is placed and the specialty lighting is not available, it will be delivered with a comparable substitute in most cases. Please contact us at 205-921-3135 for more information.